Ryan Appleton

Ryan Appleton is a graphic designer from Ohio, America. He produces tasteful, interesting designs, specialising in advertisement posters and catalogues. His compositions are attentive to the clients needs and made to a style that works efficiently for each request. His successful showcase of work shows an inspiring, charming artist whose skills are constantly developing.

Diesel Home Lighting Catalog

Tell us more about your featured project?
The Diesel Home Lighting catalog is a design inspired by the stylish/unique campaigns often employed by the company. I created a concept that could seamlessly showcase their line of home lighting accessories and would not appear out of place alongside their advertising direction. Using a color palette reminiscent of Diesel’s “Be Stupid” advertising posters and pairing that with clean typography, I feel as though it is successfully a “Diesel” appropriate catalog idea. The addition of the bright shapes running across the page were created as both an aesthetic focal point and a visual compliment/emulation to the shape, feel, and personifications of the lamps themselves.


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