Nick D'Amico

Nick D'Amico has a truly delightful showcase of work, ranging from graphic, package and print design to charming, traditional handmade books. He clearly has a gift when it comes to bringing his ideas to life through his art. His work seems to tell a story and becomes personal to the viewer. It is an absolute pleasure to gander at his magnificent, imaginative portfolio. A captivating, magical designer with hopefully many more superb pieces to grace us in the future!

Studio - Coffee for the Creative

Tell us more about your featured project?
Studio is a coffee brand developed for all people creative. Studio aims to fuel the creative mind with high quality, Fair Trade certified coffee. In the bigger picture, Studio works to cultivate a vivid community of energetic and innovative minds. It's design is inspired by young artists, their work, and the spaces which foster their creative growth. This brand essence book describes the personality of Studio and its audience through image, typography, language, and overall design. 

Artist Keegan McGee illustrated a series of paper cups for Studio's artist cup series.

The poster is designed for a grassroots campaign, in which Studio hosts a gallery hop that includes art of all mediums, artist workshops and forums, live music, and more. The event takes place in Athens, Ohio.

Extending this project will include designs for packaging, cups, and various other brand materials.


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