Arjun Harrison-Mann

Arjun Harrison-Mann is a graphic designer currently studying in Birmingham, with a keen interest in many areas of art and design, both digital and traditional. He has developed skills in many areas, from promotional videos and album covers to motion graphics and 3D animation, during which time he has produced a quirky, imaginative showcase of work which shows much promise, determination and increasing amounts of skill, ability and triumph.

Nike ID - Specialist Illustration

Tell us more about your featured project?

As a part of my ND Graphic Design course, I was given a brief where I had to create a series of illustrative posters advertising Nike ID. When doing this I was asked to base it on a person we were paired with and show how Nike ID portrays their personality. I decided to make 3 posters on the shoes my subject, Ben Cain, had chosen. Each poster represents different aspects of him, relating it to a different colour on the shoe.

A form of strapline was also created. I chose to use a piece of ephemera that Ben Cain uses all the time, some 'Hello, my name is ...' stickers. I felt this would work well at representing the Nike ID shoes as the whole point is too customise the shoes so that they represent you as an individual,allowing people to see what sort of person you are, almost a start of a conversation or an introduction of yourself. Much like the 'Hello, my name is ...' stickers.


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