Nik Young

Nik Young is a recent graduate in graphic design and photography. He produces vibrant, playful compositions that encompass exciting and engaging narratives. His work shows an immense amount of skill and imagination, enabling his designs to be fresh, out of the ordinary and enticing.

Shoot Rewind Repeat

Tell us more about your featured project?
The project is based around the idea of unpredictability and chaos. The images were produced by shooting a roll of 120 film in a Lomo Holga, then rewinding the film, reloading it and shooting another set of images over the top. The hazy results are intended to represent those points in life when you cant quite pinpoint the actual time an event occurred, like if you are trying to figure out if something was a dream or not. This double exposure technique resulted in two photos of completely different and otherwise unrelated events being merged together, and this effect, coupled with the light leaks and colourful lens effects that result from shooting with a Holga, give them the chaotic dream-like feel that I was aiming for.


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