Ian Watson

Ian Watson is an artist based in Cardiff, who works with brush and ink to create exquisite, detailed drawings, usually working in monochrome, which are later combined digitally to make finished compostions of various images. His work is exciting and eyecatching, showing masses of astonishing, natural talent.

Truckers of Husk Accelerated Learning LP cover

Tell us more about your featured project?
This is the cover image for an LP by the band Truckers of Husk. 
When Hywel from the band asked me to provide artwork I was given the album's title and some of the demo tracks and went from there, we discussed the animals along the way and eventually ended up with the menagerie you see here. 
The individual animal images and the Venus Flytrap were each drawn separately in brush and ink and then combined digitally. That way the animals could be used elsewhere on the record or other bits and pieces like flyers and eventually a zine which was given away at the album launch party. 
I mostly work in monochrome and try to fill as much of the page as possible with detail so working in a modular way like this was new to me and really good fun to see it all coming together.


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