Irina Sidorina

Irina Sidorina is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Prague. Her work is professional, precise and well executed whilst still being funky and fresh. There is a great range of imaginative and innovative projects in her portfolio that are sometimes quirky and enchanting, other times proficient and elegant but always amazingly eye-catching.


Tell us more about your featured project?
I have been living in Prague for 12 years already. I’m originally from Russia. I had a luck to study
Art according to different educational systems (Russian, Czech and British) and I think this was a very
important and valuable experience. At first, I used to work as a graphic designer and illustrations was just as a hobby for me. However, some time passed and this branch of my works became an important part of my portfolio. My Illustrations works simply reflect my feeling of life. From time to time it is just a great way of relaxation for me. Before starting working on each project I usually think about the idea a lot, about all the details. And only after I get a vivid vision of how the work will look like in the end, the feeling the work is ready to be born I start to sketch it. I usually make myself finish each project in one attempt, easily working through the whole night on it. The most important is that it has to be ready without me being distracted. I’m too eager to see the final result each time, I guess. I try to draw my inspiration in simple things around me, by the things not all people notice or think these
things are not important. I like to study the works of other illustrators as well. And of course I was and still am significantly inspired by the works of such great masters as Gustav Klimt and Eugen Schille. I like to connect my illustrations to modern time and fashion. It is hard to strictly define my style. All I’m trying to do is to combine the proper stylization and a bit of abstraction adding some playful lines and animation features.


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