Raj Mohanlal

Raj Mohanlal combines his skills in graphic design, illustration and typography, along with a sense of humour to produce vivid, ingenious compositions. His work is fun and fresh whilst equally interesting and well made. His designs display clever themes and concepts as he is not afraid to be expressive through his work. A fantastic combination of wittiness and  imaginative thinking.

Fonts on Drugs

"Bold is all you need." - Gill Sans Bold

"DROP ACID NOT CAPS." - Helvetica Light

"Make ligatures not war." -Times New Roman

Tell us more about your featured project?
Every wondered what would happen if you dipped your entire font collection into LSD? Well here are three examples from the freak result.

As a final result of one of my projects, I picked three well known Sixties slang phrases written in three common typefaces and twisted and morphed them to recreate an Acid trip. These were printed using blocks of Lino after which I used Photoshop and applied the psychedelia effect with extreme contrast and deliberate overwhelming vibrancy.

If you cant read what they say, try it again on Acid. It makes it a lot easier.


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