Rogier De Boevé

Rogier De Boevé is a graphic designer with an unusual, unique and positively captivating portfolio of work, showcasing striking and superbly clever designs. He experiments with shapes and fragments from other images to construct new, clever compositions.


Tell us more about your featured project?
'Altered' is an experimental drawing project that contains 3 artworks made for the slashthree collective and for my master drawing degree. The objective of the project was to experiment with basic shapes by modifying them into new 3d futuristic objects. When I made the first artwork of this project I thought it would be great idea to do an alteration of the first artwork and then another one. The original idea is inspired on Slashtree's latest exhibition 'Paradigm shift'. I took the opportunity to combine this theme and the ability to experiment through my drawing project.

View the entire body and case study here.


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