Jennie Plant

Graphic designer Jennie Plant has recently graduated from Lincoln University after producing an award winning final project. She produces intelligent, interesting designs whilst retaining quirkiness and charm. Her works are efficient and fit to a theme as well as being imaginative and pushing the boundaries of each brief given. A delightful body of work.

Y Magazine

Tell us more about your featured project?
Y Magazine encourages the power of being open minded by questioning the questionable and embracing everything you find. Each article begins with a question in which it seeks to answer whilst provoking discussion. The magazine also features a collaboration with University of Lincoln's fashion department whereby the magazine features their final-year clothes and they provided models and a stylist. This photoshoot runs throughout the magazine and also creates a wraparound for the magazine, which then folds out into an A1 poster. Articles within the magazine include: whether high end fashion should be directly transferable to the High Street (in conjunction with the photoshoot) and whether classical music can mix with indie rock.


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