Dario Verrengia

Dario Verrengia produces tasteful projects in areas such as print, identity and typography and has worked in editorial areas. His work is precise, fresh and skillful, such traits that are admirable for a modern graphic designer. His work is greatly professional and brilliantly composited.

A Type Of — Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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This is a university project of the course "Project's theories and practices" (Communication Design, at Politecnico di Milano). The aim of the course was to develop an editorial product enabled to communicate efficiently the content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The project is based on the keywords of the Declaration, whose meaning is developed, in a typographical way, into image-words, in order to achieve a deeper and more careful meditation, instead of the superficial one that comes from a fast reading of the Declaration.

“I am really interested in type that isn’t perfect. Type that reflects more truly the imperfect language of an imperfect world inhabited by imperfect beings.”
— Barry Deck

In 2010 this project was selected for the TARGA GIOVANI — XXII Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI Award, a reward for the best designs created in Italy's design schools.


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