Jack Maxwell

Jack Maxwell is a graphic designer who studied at the Bath School of Art and Design and is currently a visual designer in London. His skills range from book making to typography and he produces some unusual, clever objects with marvelous practical uses. A very capable designer with an intelligent, expertly composed showcase of work.


Tell us more about your featured project?
Rotary Magazine was a project between myself the fellow designer Luke Archer, as part of a group exhibition based in an old Audio Visual shop, in Bath, UK. The brief was to repurpose a obsolete piece of audio visual equipment. We collaborated by combining Luke's Rank Hylite Slide Carousel with my 35mm slides (bought as mixed packs from Ebay, the seller unknowingly selecting the material for around half of the magazine) and accompanied this with our own typographic slides to organise and curate the content. As the project evolved it interested us more and more as it was forming what was essentially a projected magazine, and in turn creating an alternative eco-friendly multiple viewer browsing experience. We then created a limited edition book to secure the life of the project once the exhibition had finished. See more of the exhibition here and the online version of Rotary here.


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