George Oates
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George Oates studied graphic design at Northumbria University. His designs are unusual, therefore unique and particularly charming. They portray ample imagination and are delightfully well made and appealing in many areas, using bold colours and dainty, attractive composition. A captivating and inspirational showcase of work.

Le Bon Ton
Aristocratic Fashion Identity

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Le Bon Ton (from the high society Georgian phrase meaning “in the fashionable mode”) has the niche of focusing on the exuberant aristocracy and the elaborateness of their lifestyle. It is an edgy and eccentric brand, with an element of British culture that takes the classic into a regenerated contemporary form. This experience is delivered through brochures that are tailored with paper boating blazers, to gift tokens traditionally sealed in wax by the Le Bon Ton crest. The use of various patterns assists the seasonal nature of the fashion industry so that they can be replaced to match the current trends, achieving a versatile and ever changing brand.

Read the full brand guidelines here.


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