Mathias Forbach

Mathias Forbach currently works as an independent graphic design and illustrator as well as teaching illustration at the High School of Fine Art in Sierre. His works ranges from CD and vinyl sleeves to music videos. His designs captivate you with their charm, vivid colours and beautifully detailed compositions.

Marc Méan Trio

Tell us more about your featured project?
While I knew that I wanted to do watercolor for the Marc Méan Trio cd sleeve, I would like to mix some graphic recurrent stripes with colors. While I was in Zurich for a trip, I found a book of Sol Lewitt, Isometric Drawing, and I felt in love with this work, black & white striped isometric shapes, and I wanted to "quote" it through mine, like a tribute. So this sleeve is a game and an attempt to graphically mix two worlds and create a special universe with drawings


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