Vicky Perry

Vicky Perry is a recent graduate of Graphic Design from Falmouth University, with a strong interest and specialisms in advertising and brand identity. Along with her cleverly considered concepts in branding, she is unafraid to tackle wider issues and themes within her design practice- such as the "Hidden Homeless" project, in which she sought to campaign for awareness of the aforementioned "hidden homeless"- the homeless living in emergency accommodation such as hostels and bedsits.
From Vicky's online portfolio, one of our favourite design projects was her branding work for 'Rose Garden Services' (images above and below)- a Cornwall-based garden designer- creating a variety of stationary, business cards and logo design, among other promotional tools. This project, along with many others in her portfolio show her true design strengths, innovation and creativity which we are sure will take her far in her future career.


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