Alice Tams

Hello Alice, how are you feeling today? 
Tired, but otherwise very well thank you!

What's your latest project?
It's also my longest running one, called 'Birds in Hats'. Birds wearing hats, though, not sitting in them. It started with a badly proportioned owl and a joke baseball cap drawn over it to try and make it better, and I'm still getting requests today nearly two years later. My bird in hats productivity has it's peaks and troughs but I'll basically stop when I run out of either birds or hats.

What/Who inspires you?
Generally, all sorts of writers, painters, illustrators, photographers, film makers and clever people- but a lot of the time it's just something someone says or something I see when I'm walking about that gives me an idea (which I rarely have the time or money to see through to the end- at the moment anyway)

What are your future aspirations?
All sorts. I'd like to get some of my writing, photography and illustrative work properly published one day. Which is a good aim because there's a pretty generous time limit on that, it could all happen when I'm 80, so I don't feel like I'm failing right now.

What advice would you give to students in creative industries?
Do work experience! Keep asking till someone says yes, and do it in something you think you could vaguely put up with for a year or so. You're probably not going to be able to support yourself on your own work the minute you graduate, and unless you have very rich and generous parents, you're going to have to pay the rent in the meantime (without a student loan...).

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