Alex Stoddard

Hello Alex, how are you feeling today?
I'm doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. I'm currently sitting in class, and while my teacher is standing at the front explaining the parameters of an upcoming project, I decided that I'd rather answering these interview questions is more important than presenting a speech about Argentina or whatever she is talking about.
Could you tell us a bit about your industry?
Well, I take photographs.. both as a hobby and a job, I suppose. I wouldn't necessarily give myself the title of "photographer", because, I don't know. It always just seems a little pretentious when people dub themselves this or that. I enjoy taking conceptual and sometimes fashion photographs. Telling stories has always been pretty important to me, whether it be with words or images, so to be able to portray tales through pictures is very appealing. Much of my work consists of self-portaits, in which I act as both the photographer and model. There's a certain sense of completeness and ultimate expression when I create these sorts of photos.
What’s your latest project?
I recently completed a 365 Project, in which I endeavored to take a photograph every single day for one year. Having skipped a number of days due to separate responsibilities and life interferences, I was three months delayed in finishing, but at the end of July, I finally did. I'm currently taking a short break to rest and allow my mind to refuel itself, but meanwhile I'm working on shooting and compiling a number of images for a book I hope to release at the end of fall.
What is the project you have done that you most enjoyed?
I consider the 365 Project to essentially be the -only- project I have yet to accomplish with my photography, having started it almost immediately after first picking up a camera. So, I suppose that would be my favorite. I learned and grew so much during the time spent on that project. I have no regrets in undertaking it and would suggest it to anyone who looks to improve dramatically in whatever field they are interested in.
What/Who inspires you?
This is always the most difficult to answer and happens to be the one most frequently asked. I don't know that I can give you a direct answer or one that isn't generic like, "Everything! Music, films, etc!" I guess I just look at what I have at my disposal.. whether it be a potential prop hidden away in my attic, the way I've retained a past experience or sound or image. I just like to dream up different worlds, taking the elements of our own and somehow finding a way to insert them into these new realms.
What are your future aspirations?
I hope to make a career out of photography, without a doubt. I have fallen so in love with the art that I can't imagine not having it be a staple in my everyday life from now on. I'd perhaps like to shoot for magazines and companies and always be in the presence of a creative, collaborative team. I find so much inspiration in seeing what others can think up on their own, and a certain kind of magic happens when everyone's minds blend and create this phenomenal product.
Where would you like to be in five years time?
I'd like to say that I've had happy experiences and sad experiences and that my life has been transformed from this doldrum I currently live within. I want to have seen many parts of the world and many different people and have created things I can be proud of.
What advice would you give to students in creative industries?
Get out of your comfort zone! Don't be content with what you've created in the past, but instead always strive to top what you've done before. Also, create what speaks to you. There seem to be so many pressures on today's youth, so many influences telling kids today what they should do, what is allowed. I just don't like to see so many limits placed on today's generation.
Any other comments?
Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer these interview questions and for enjoying my work enough to ask me to in the first place!
If you could just put the link to my flickr, that would be awesome. Thanks again!

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