Josh Farley

Josh Farley is a recent BA (Hons) Design Publishing graduate from Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA). With experience and portfolio evidence of both print and web-based briefs, Josh showcases an impressive range of work, all with consistently high-standards and levels of professionalism, and a great eye for design.
Josh's work blends innovative ideas and concepts with styalised Graphic design and layouts to great effect- making his work both informative and maintaining aesthetic iterest and appeal. Whether it be promotions and advertising, magazine or screen-based format, each of Josh's ideas are new, fresh and brilliantly designed.
Throughout his entire online portfolio, we were most impressed with his Editorial work for 'Laissez Faire',  (a French-word translation of "leave it alone" or "let it be") which acts as a Liberal Party magazine- built upon informative text, imagery, interesting and visually-strong layouts (which communicate the content well) and humourous imagery to a truly memorable and professional effect.


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