Harry Williams

Harry Williams is a Stoke-on-Trent based Graphic Designer/Illustrator, whose passion and skill for his discipline are evident with his number of design applications, and the wealth of work present in his visually exciting and varied portfolio.
With his defined, edgy, and characteristic Illustrative style, Harry's work has been applied over a numerous publications, projects and briefs- including work for Amelia's magazine (, promotion of the BBC Broadcasting House, and our own personal favourite, his 'Stoke' project, in which he promotes areas of Stoke to the 'proposed regeneration' project, in which his passion for his hometown is clear with bold with emotive imagery which communicates strongly to the audience.
As previously mentioned, Harry's Illustrative and Graphic style is clear, distinctive and powerful- a style which works over many disciplines, having explored other practices such as surface pattern and animation within his practice. With such clear love for the design process, we are sure that Harry has a great future in the field ahead of him.


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