The Leeds University End of Year Show

Throughout June, Leeds University have been holding their annual end of year art and design show- complete with graduate showcases through multiple disciplines including textiles, graphic design, fine art instillations, and more.
Initially complicated to find (we advise checking a map before you visit!), the exhibition is held in the Central Clothworkers building, and follows through several rooms and levels within the building.

The work was satisfyingly varied, and created to a high standard- each presentation board with a clear and distinct personality- with just a few small exhibit pieces giving a clear indication to the interests and style of the designer’s craft.

The highlights of the exhibition included the playful and charismatic designs in the textiles: surface pattern design department, with multiple wallpaper and card designs which utilised repeat pattern and illustrative design to great effect. Also, the Graphic Design department used their skills to create a good source of networking and self-promotion through business cards and printed media, which was both unique and creative.

A fun show, with plenty on offer over various disciplines. A great insight to the work to come from young creative graduates in the future. 

For more information about the show and the University of Leeds, click here.


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