Jennifer Paton

With playful and creative talent across a variety of Graphic Design disciplines, Jennifer Paton's Graphic Design work really stood out from the crowd.

On Jennifer's website, she describes her interests; "I really like books - reading them, designing them, sewing them, looking at them, aweing over them.." and that is clear and evident throughout her work- creating a charming array of skilly crafted books, and other paper-based products which were certainly some of our favourites among her porfolio- with a handcrafted charm balanced with a professional, high-quality aesthetic.

However, Jennifer's portfolio is diverse and varied- from the aforementioned hand-crafted and illustrative, and somewhat organic designs to a more than competent level of web-based know-how that looks sure to set her in good stead for a bright future in Graphic Design.

Highlight projects from her online portfolio include the 'Catcher in the Rye' project, a project devised to promote the use of library facilities at the Glasgow Metropolitan College, and the 'Oxfam Instillation' project, in which she extensively researched and promoted the Oxfam charity through the production of three-dimensional typography.
A unique and talented young designer, we forsee a positive and productive future for Jennifer Paton.


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