Wentao (Marvin) Ma.

Wentao Ma is a young, and brilliantly talented New Media degree student, currently at the University of Leeds (...but you can call him Marvin).

Alone, Marvin's CV is impressive enough. At just nineteen years of age, he has executed a vast variety of projects and brief in various disciplines to a professional, and memorable, standard- working as an Animatior and Graphic Designer in the 2008 Bejing Olympics being one of his most notable creative achievements to date.

Fortunately, Marvin's portfolio backs up his credentials to an even greater extent- with a clearly sophisticated level of web-based design know-how, at this early stage, things are certainly looking positive for Marvin's design future.

Each design, from branding to promotional video work for charities, Marvin clearly is no "one trick pony", each design outcome being unique and poignant, sophisticated and crisp. 

We certainly recommend a closer look into Marvin's work- particularly recommending the 'Tomorrow Is Another Day' animation in Vimeo- skillfull and beautiful, a truly stunning design from a truly talented designer.


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