Ash Watkins

Hello Ash, how are you feeling today?
I'm great, enjoying the summer, but trying to keep busy at the same time.

Could you tell us a bit about your industry?
I'm a graphic design student at the University of Lincoln.

What's your latest project?
I went to the Le Mans 24 hour race last weekend and photographed different aspects of the event and have been blogging them in categories daily. I'm showing people the other side of the racing and it was a lot of fun to do.

What is the project you have done that you most enjoyed?
At University we got the opportunity to design our own zine, it had to be aimed at a certain community and I chose the homeless community. It was kind of a satirical thing but it was really fun and fuelled a lot of creativity.

Which project do you feel that you have learnt the most from?
A exhibition branding project.. I didn't do very well with the exhibition boards, they were too crowded and looked amateurish. I learned a lot from the mistakes I had made though so I'm happy I got the experience.

What/Who inspires you?
I read a lot of Creative Review, they have some fantastic work in there and I like to keep up to date with the design industry. Anything could inspire me though, it's how you apply different inspirations that I find interesting.

What are your future aspirations?
I want to work in graphic design, for a company in a big city preferably! With fellow designers, I like interacting with other people too much to do freelance work I think.

Where would you like to be in five years time?
Settles in a flat working for a design company, still learning and working my arse off!

What advice would you give to students in creative industries?
Be prepared to work very hard, be competitive and be nice to people. Learn something new with every project.

Any other comments?
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