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Hello, My name is Jess Procter and I'm currently studying illustration at The London Arts. My work consists of a blend of paper cutting and collage, I have recently fallen in love with making shadows and projection. You can see it in my latest project 'Electricity where I built a shadow light lamp which rotates to cast large shadows, I cut the city out of soft wood using a laser cutter and hand painted the light bulb to get the glow affect and the turn table I built using parts of a microwave, MDF wood, a motor, and an elastic band. Here are some stills and it in motion as well. My inspirations come from old books, fairy tales, nature, castles and finding interesting objects. I hope you enjoy my work, if you wish to see more please visit my website or my tumblr

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  1. Hey Jess! I enjoyed visiting your page. You have a great passion in arts and I think you'll probably have a good future ahead of you. Mostly,its good to know that you've enrolled in a graphic design college. Keep up the good work!


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