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I am an Illustrator based in kent, I graduated summer 2011 from The University for the Creative Arts at Maidstone.

My work incorporates pen, ink, household paint, with elements of Photoshop and Illustrator, most recently with the aid of my graphics tablet.

Reportage has always been a strong interest and inspiration for my work, since leaving university I have experimented more with children's illustration, working to develop my work into different avenues.

I love to create imagery with bold, confident line work, and plenty of colour! I am inspired by the world around me, with strong interests in animals, travel and nautical influences from a generation of family members.

More recently I have been developing an idea for a children's tale, 'The Leopard and the Ladybug'. A tale of the Leopard and the wise Ladybug, their friendship and their discoveries and the Leopard's valuable lessons.

I have used this idea as a tool for me to draw plenty of animals from the animal kingdom, and incorporate a handful of animals all in the one tale! A way for children to learn more about animals with facts and a written meet and greet tale throughout. Including an Elephant, Hippo, Giraffe, Ostrich and a Zebra! All a work in progress...

My illustration can be seen online at laurakatenelson.co.uk, I also have a facebook, twitter and blogger. All of which are linked from my website.

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