Miles Dexter

Miles Dexter is a recent graduate of furniture and product design. He strives to produce quality products that are durable and therefore more eco-friendly, by combining problem solving, materials and processes, skill and of course a little imagination! He likes to keep his designs simple but practical, also versatile as they range from modern and technical, to rustic and organic but always well made and beautifully hand crafted.

Fault Lines

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Fault Lines is a 3-piece coffee table that was inspired by traditional nesting/nestling furniture and research in modern materials and innovative construction techniques. There are 2 versions available, a lightweight aluminium one, and a thermoformed Corian® version. The 3 tables are re-configurable in over 20 different variations and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This flexibility makes them versatile, as well as durable and even playful. A variety of colours and finishes can also be applied to the Fault Lines range.


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