Boris Pelcer

Boris Pelcer is a designer based in the US, Moscow and specialises in illustration, typography and graphic design. His portfolio consists of a range of design medias, including very beautiful, elegant lettering and poster designs. His ideas and concepts are often meaningful and expressive which adds a personal flare to his designs that connects to the audience. A promising, magnificent and imaginative artist!

Beaux Arts Ball 2011

Tell us more about your featured project?
Beaux Arts Ball 2011 poster was designed with the intent of advertising end of the semester Ball organized for all under-graduate and graduate University of Idaho: College of Art & Architecture students. The ball was themed after the popular AMC show Mad Men, but was titled after the famous French arts institute. The trick was to create a poster that captures the classy essence of the two very different sources of inspiration into something that feels cohesive and contemporary. 

It was clear that the poster should have a classy essence that is present in both Mad Men and Beaux Arts while capturing the vintage feel of the different time periods. 

A great deal of French art captures so much sophistication in the mare hand gestures. Since I wanted to allow viewers the freedom to imagine themselves as the implied individuals in the poster, it made perfect sense to zoom in on the hands positioned in a sophisticated manner.

Last thing that I wanted to focus on was the actual fun aspect of the ball. Since there is drinking involved and drinking usually enhances the fun atmosphere it made sense to use the fluidity of drinks to imply the fun interactions between all. 


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