Lachlan Siu

Lachlan Siu is currently a student in Australia, specialising in web design, editorial design and digital art. From looking at his portfolio it is clear that his skills are developing in to something magnificent. His ideas are unique and his designs are professional and edgy, an ideal combination for an interesting, refined and brilliantly appealing showcase of work.

GENERIC Magazine

Tell us more about your featured project?
This was my final project for Highschool and the brief was fairly open. The idea of doing a heavily graphic approach to the statistics on mental health was something I hadn't seen before, I wanted to do something relatively new and untouched. My main goal was to create a booklet where each page could be a piece in its own, but also flow as a whole booklet. Originally the magazine's theme was that of 'breaking down and exposing', an attempt to take an attack at the fashion/music/popular culture scene. It ended up though as many of my concept and idea was that about perceiving people and how physical appearance doesn't always mimic mental image. GENERIC in essence is trying to normalise and expose the large impact of mental health disorders in youths, breaking down the stigma.


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