Hannah Catchlove

Hannah Catchlove combined her passion and skills in fine art, illustration and mixed media to produce projects during her studies at the University of Leeds. Her work is vivid with ample amount of detail and interesting themes and factors.

Seven Deadly Sins

Tell us more about your featured project?
The Seven Deadly Sins project was a BTEC National brief set to create a modern day interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins. I had to consider contemporary sins in today's society and create a theme to run throughout the book, as well as an image and text for each sin.

For my modern day sins I chose: Obsession, Jealousy, Manipulation, Infidelity, Aggression, Materialism and Insincerity. I chose a heart as my running theme to represent "desires of the heart" which I titled my book as.

I chose colours and images that I thought represented each sin and created the images out of various coloured inks, tissue paper, printing onto fabric, mono-printing, scanning objects and other mixed media methods. Once I had created the images, I had to use pop up mechanisms to make an item of each page pop up.


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