JC Wrightson

JC Wrightson deliverers meaningful concepts through his photography projects whilst currently studying a degree in photography at the University of Cumbria. His works are strong and prominent with hidden depths that convey a message. A clever, innovative artist with many more alluring, influential concepts to be produced in the future!

20 a Day

Tell us more about your featured project?
I have discovered a way in which street photography can still work today. In a world where people are paranoid about their privacy, perverts and peodophiles street photography can be a daunting process. However, my work clearly shows that there are still plenty of interesting areas to be photographed within the street and how this can be done. What differs me from the clandestine street photographers is that i approach my subjects first and have a dialogue with them, rather than shooting from a distance or sneakily. By featuring my project it will show photography students who are interested in the street a new way of thinking around this genre.


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