Gareth Barnes

Gareth Barnes has recently completed his degree in Furniture and Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University. He produces professional products that are both useful and handsome. He shows marvelous skill and technique within the construction as well as clever processes and ideas behind the design and purpose of his creations. A propitious and innovative contribution to the the design industry.


Tell us more about your featured project?
The Extend Desk has been designed to provide certain requirements that most other desks do not.

 has a welcome space for home working and encourages the user to store their laptop, tablet and other items within.

At first glance the drawer is not immediately obvious but with a simple touch a drawer emerges providing extra surface area when needed. When extended, the desk not only reveals extra workspace, it also provides enough hidden storage space for most work accessories.

Made from solid American White Oak and designed with a minimal aesthetic, Extend is designed to fit within the home environment and stand the test of time.

 can be made in a variety of dimensions, wall mounted, or provided with a tubular steel under-frame.


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