Owen D. Pomery

Owen Pomery is an illustrator with a vast and varied body of work which demonstrates his versatility and natural abilities with great splendour. Along with his Illustrative portfolio, he also boasts a background in Architectural design, having studied at the Plymouth School of Architecture- which is evidenced throughout his work, with a distinctively graphic sketchy style reoccurring in
many of his designs.
A favourite project in Owen's portfolio (agreed by both himself and the 'Imagine That' team alike) is one of his latest projects- (images featured above and below) in which he creates illustrative postcards, displaying images of famous individuals with wonderful line and colour work. A brilliantly constructed and always surprising portfolio, Owen's work is definitely worth a closer look.



  1. all your posts are such great finds! thank you for sharing them

  2. Thank you :) and no problem.


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