Alex Mertekis

Alex Mertekis, a Graphic Designer recently graduated with his BA (Hons) at the University of Salford, is now based in both Leeds and Manchester.
Alex's online portfolio boasts a wealth of knowledge and understanding within his design practice- and clear passion. With a well-rounded skills base, such as software skills including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and "a very good understanding of Dreamweaver", he certainly looks set to embark, and succeed with whatever design briefs are sent his way.
A particular favourite project of ours is 'Alpha Magazine' (images featured above and below) in which he promotes the country Greece in a wonderfully bold and eye-catching print-based design.



  1. Anonymous18/9/11 16:26

    Some great graphics here, Alex Mertekis is someone to look out for!

  2. Alex shows great attention to detail...It is very important that every character has to be of the right size and the appropriate font and colour. Placed in such a way on each page with excellent photography for maximum impact it stimulates the senses! If you are looking for a Perfectionist with great Vision for your magazine and design then look no further. Alex is your man!


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