Joe Dennis

Joe Dennis is a recent MDes Graphic Design graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, with a richly diverse and concept-driven portfolio, Joe's work is truly impressive and unique.
Experimenting in several fields of design, Joe is clearly a multi-talented individual, with strong, inventive ideas which result in memorable and considered designs- his screenplay book cover designs for publishers 'Faber and Faber' showcase a bold simplicity which works incredibly well.
Throughout his online portfolio, we believe that his project 'Three pots a shilling' is certainly one of the highlights- an extensively researched and developed project in which Joe created a print-based publication about the London Pearlies- an organised charitable tradition of the working class culture. Throughout the project he developed three "chapters" sections: History, Character, and Regalia (with features including the pattern work of the clothing, the symbolism of the garments and interview from George Major, "Pearly King of Peckham") ensuring a full, substantial and wonderfully informative collection of design outcomes.
From this project, and many others, Joe shows a great skill and determination of achieving great results within his practice. For these reasons we are sure that he will have every success in his future career, and is certainly "one to watch".


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