The Leeds Met University Creative Arts Festival 2011

The Leeds Met Creative Arts Festival, held between the 9th-15th June 2011, showcased the work of more than 600 creative students from film, graphic design, architecture, landscape design, and more.

The Festival was held in Leeds’ landmark building, the Broadcasting Tower- which provides both educational and residency space to students of the University, and the city of Leeds.

Attending on the opening night, the event was filled with many fantastically interesting and inspiring pieces of work, with massive variation and interest within each of the disciplines. With a high student enrolment at the University, this provided a great body of work to be showcased to ensure the event was a real “night out”. 

One of the most memorable parts of the event, along with the work itself, was an endearing feature- simple card tags which were distributed and could be hung by work sheets and instillations with quotes such as “this was memorable”, and “this took skill”- a great way to receive feedback from a wide audience.

The event was very well received, with hundreds of visitors admiring and interacting with the work. An impressive and varied selection, the graudates of Leeds Met University 2011 are certainly ones to watch.

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