Christie Burland-Upton

Christie has produced an album cover and booklet for the Barnsley Anthem, which is often a memorable song amongst Barnsley folk; remembering back to the early 20th century of the mining struggles. Her Granddad Dave Burland produced the original recording of the song. The project as a whole has a great use of typography, and gives a real sense of what it must have been like ‘back in the day’.  The imagery produced of the lyrics on the walls in a place that looks ‘dark and dingy’, somewhat similar to what it must be like down the mining shafts is an amazing portrayal of life back then, and shows that Christie has really gone that step further with her work. Having the colour scheme stripped back to just a grey scale approach, with the hint of yellow within small aspects of the designs works really well, and adds a real sense of reality to it. Understanding as an outsider what it must have been like during this time is hard to imagine, but the imagery in which Christie has included really helps the imagination to understand.  This is definitely something that would appeal to Barnsley folk, and her being from Barnsley herself has really flourished within this project.

See more of this project, and the rest of her work on her website. www.lookbeyondmiaccent.com


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