I am currently in my final year of a graphic design degree at the University of Cumbria, as well as the course being amazing the university is in one of my favourite places, The lake district, I love escaping to the mountains with my camera and despite not having ventured past Carlisle on my own as yet, I am entirely obsessed with the need to travel, science, clouds and hate the thought of not having my camera in reach.

As far as influences go I'm a little bit of a magpie I don't really have any specific designers I look to for inspiration, possibly due to my love of all graphic design and my slightly eclectic personality. I am always borrowing from books and blogs and other design disciplines. I'd say currently my colleagues, my love of type and love of architecture influence me the most. I love using strong lines and strong type in my work and just could not live without capital letters or white space.

As well as working on my degree I have been taking on freelance work this year including work for a start up food company in Carlisle which are now trading complete with my branding. In the future I am looking forward to finding work with a studio that are engaged in a variety of different projects, I love print but would also love the opportunity to develop other areas of design such as spatial design as I love to learn and am generally a very curious person. My general attitude is that nothing ever worth doing is easy and I always try to do something unexpected or slightly against the brief , it always gives me much better work and the clients a more interesting design without compromising what they wanted. I am excited to join the industry this summer and learn and grow both in and out of design.

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