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"What I create is a direct reflection of who I am; it is how I think, what I see, and how I feel. I believe that these energies shed light into both the spirit and heart of myself as a designer."

Sally Carmichael is a graphic design student at the University of Kansas, recently completing her junior year in school. She specializes in publication and print design, and her work has been featured in places such as the AIGA Member Gallery, Student Show Gallery, and on the App Design Served Showcase. She was also recently awarded the Best Junior Portfolio Award at the National Student Show in Dallas, TX. Her design aesthetic focuses on clean and minimal simplicity that remains sophisticated and purposeful.

"My dedication to design is like being in a messy, complicated relationship. Some days I find myself in love, and other days full of animosity for my craft. What keeps us two together isn't always the love of the art, but the love of the outcome, the challenge, the process. As a designer I find that design can be truly devastating, but also incredibly and equally rewarding, which is what always has me coming back for more. This duet of risk-taking and refinement leads me through a dance that is continually testing my own abilities to improve. Without this back and forth process, I would not be able to continue to grow as a designer."

View Sally's portfolio at sally-carmichael.com or her Behance page.

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