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I have recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a first class BA Honors degree in Graphic Design.

I have a passion for design, which engages with and tries to solve problems in society. Through various projects during my final year at college I was able to explore how design can help raise awareness of important issues. In creating my proposal for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service annual report I aimed to focus on the partnership between donor and patient, bringing the human story to the reader. I was also given the fantastic opportunity of working on 'The Word of Mouth Campaign’, which helped raise awareness of the symptoms of Mouth Cancer across Edinburgh. This project coincided and helped me produce my personal project where I chose to consider how advertising might be able to boost confidence and guide people back into work.

I love to learn from clients and other creatives around me so that every project will be better than the last, whether it is a publication, campaign or packaging.

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