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I run a contemporary design practice, focused on creative and strategic thinking towards branding, mainly based but not specifically in the retail and finance sector. I frequently work digital design, print design and innovative outcomes. I to get the best for clients but throughout my work i produce what i and the client consider to be right and effective. I can be contacted for projects or asked questions at

Seamless Retail
A custom solution to enhance shopping in the future. Using a phone and NFC chipped images to automatically direct the user to an online portal to view and buy products. Makes the use of applications extinct and is accessed automatically by your phone just by holding the battery case over the displayed product image. The technology will be available worldwide within the next 5 years, and the solution is currently fully functioning at one location in the U.K. My solution addresses an opportunity to shop on the move, in busy locations without having to access applications or pay points. Effectively an interactive billboard for the future, available for all aspects of retail using Near Field Communication to automatically scan images, speed up payment, product choice and availability.

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