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Damien Barlow graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2011 with a 2:1 in print and surface design. He is an illustrator who works primarily within the area of paper cutting. Damien uses a scalpel to hand cut paper, carefully revealing details and hidden elements. He considers this process to be similar to the magic colouring books you work on when you are young, revealing a hidden image from a blank page. This is something which both excited and motivates Damien within his illustration work. He is most influenced by outer space, hidden places and time travel (unfortunately he has no flux capacitor for the Dolorean he cannot afford). Damien produces work which is bold and dark but always tells a story. While some of his work is seen as a little grim, he claims to be like the character Tom Hanks plays in BIG, "A little older, but still a kid at heart". As an illustrator and story teller Damien prefers to draw from his imagination, which by doing so keeps his imagery personal to him. He has produced illustrations for exhibitions, prints and books. In the future Damien hopes to work with authors and publishers on illustration projects.

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