Dale Peart

Dale Peart is a graphic designer currently based in Ipswich, Suffolk. He works with a range of mediums that he executes well for his final products. Dale is a very talented and his work is all about reading into the images. It is full of life and is defiantly going to be part of something amazing in the future - so watch this space.

TCM Film Posters

Tell us more about your featured project?
Recently I was briefed by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to choose any three films and create concept posters for all of them to be used as a set.

Quite quickly I decided upon, Alien, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and No Country for old men. All films I love and also all well known films.

I decided that each of my films must each link visually, each must link with their idea, but they also must sum up the main message of the film, or what the film is about. Without these, the posters wouldn't succeed as a representation of the film or as a set.

I spent some time deliberating how to link all these posters together, I did so not only with the idea, but also visually. After analysing all three films, noting down important and iconic moments within each and what was the underlying message behind them all. It became apparent the main theme subject of each, was about something or someone hiding, or chasing.

In order to visualise this, I abstracted the architecture of the three films and visually represented it using this single line. In which, each of the films protagonists can hide within.


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