Tiffany Trewin

Tiffany Trewin is a graphic designer and illustrator based near Bristol, also with a keen interest in drawing and photography. A portfolio packed full of innovative, inspiring work. With a fantastic range of media and technique, her designs are quirky yet professional.

I Am Me

Tell us more about your featured project?
The project was set as part of my second year in FdA Graphic Design with Bath Spa University, and asked a series of random personality questions in which I had to answer honestly and present it in a 'creative format' to be sent by post.

Questions included quite random things like: "If you were a red indian what would your name be?" and "What is a word you didn't know the meaning of until now?" but also included some rather personal questions like revealing a secret.

I decided to display my answers as the Russian Matryoshka dolls that stack inside of each other - and made a paper version with alternate folding so each question/doll is concealed within the next. Each illustrated doll reflects my answer - and when you open it you can see both the Q&A inside.

On a deeper level - the dolls and questions are arranged in such a way that it gets more and more personal as you get towards the centre. The outer dolls are the random questions, but the central and most guarded doll is the one that reveals the secret. You wouldn't give away your deepest darkest secrets straight off! So I wanted to build up the excitement before you reach the middle.


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  1. Anonymous24/2/12 21:17

    This is an excellent concept, well presented


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