Naomi Bear

Naomi Bear is a fine artist currently based in Houston, Texas, specialising in printmaking whilst also experimenting with graphic design projects. She is a dedicated, inspirational designer, whilst working for a local printing company she is also co founder of a local printmaking society, a perfect example of what wonders can be achieved through passion and hard work. She currently works on a collection of her delectable designs and ideas in book, poster and print form.


Tell us more about your featured project?
These intaglio prints are not a far step from most drawings I do on paper with graphite -- very narrative and just a small piece of a much larger story that I'm usually not even aware of yet. I'm very influenced by storytelling film, illustration, and animation.  These images in particular are about the lure of fear. Unfortunately, I injured my wrist working on the print "Mmmm..." and so it was one of the last and few intaglio editions I've done. I've moved to doing monotype screen printing which can be viewed on my website.


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