Mica Charlotte Connelly

Mica Charlotte Connelly is an illustrator and photographer currently studying graphic design. She experiments with typography whilst creating a range of projects from posters and CD covers to book covers and interesting photography. She is a promising, committed artist with refreshing talent and has a portfolio of work that is both inspirational and delightfully engaging.

Oh vous etes magnifique!

Tell us more about your featured project?
Oh vous etes magnifique is part of The Waitress by Jack Zipes, which is one of the 2012 ISTD briefs. These are quotes taken from the text and then translated into French as well to conjoin the theme, as The Waitress was originally a French piece of text. To keep within the theme of waitresses and restaurants, the final conclusion was in the format of a waitress pad, consisting of a pad with of 44 spreads containing hand rendered and digital typography. Duplicate leafs in French. Contains the short story 'The Waitress' by Jack Zipes, along with additional information, including recipes for French Toast, Snail Bourguignonne and Information on how to run your own restaurant!  


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