Leah Durant

Leah Durant is a recent fine art graduate based in Leeds. She uses her work to record the parts of every day life that are often overlooked as a reminder of how beautiful and valuable they actually are. She does this magnificently by producing unique, personal and picturesque pieces of art in a number of mediums including photography and film.


Tell us more about your featured project?
My recent work entitled 'Be.' is a 35mm slide carousel projection of 80 images. What I hope to achieve within the photographic collection is to convey a sense of the great paradox at work throughout, in relation to the permanence of the images and the temporality of memory. The concrete nature of the subjects captured i.e. a building or a window frame, to the ephemeral snapshot of a reflection of light on water, provides a contrast that highlights both the fleeting character of time and the steadfastness of memory.
I have a great connection with poetry and I feel this also reflects into my work.


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