Ismael Saavedra

Ismael is an illustrator, specialising in comic and manga. He constructs captivating, exciting stories in comic book form, with impressive, awe-inspiring designs to illustrate his entertaining tales, with a range of exciting, delightful characters for readers to fall in love with. A wonderful artist with brilliant ideas that contribute perfectly to the demands of the modern market... after all, who doesn't love the odd comic book adventure.

Comic & Manga

Tell us more about your featured project?
I don't really have something specific as inspiration, but I get my ideas when I'm listening music most of the times, usually while a walk through the city. I love to walk and see things on the streets. Animals, people, connections between things. And then I mix that with my likes. If I have an idea, I try to elaborate that with some research and previous sketches for everything. I do a lot of exploration.
Sometimes I just get inspired by other artist, writers, I read a lot of novels of all kind. I love to read.
I love people, love books, love music.
Then I like to pass everything through my experiences. I really believe that you have to live to understand and be able to tell something.


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