Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro is an artist based in Indonesia, where he is a freelance videographer and editor after studying photography in California. He also expresses himself through black and white photography and has produced magnificent, distinguished pieces of work. Each of his photographs reveal a story and show deep yet mysterious emotions through its narrative. Wonderfully passionate and impressive pieces each and every time!

Arts Still Life

Tell us more about your featured projects?
I love Photography because this is the medium where I can express my self with freedom. B&W, in particular, gives me more flexibility for personal interpretation. It is rich in mysteries and evokes stronger emotion. I find B&W more suitable for my type of photograph. It’s easier for me to express my emotion in monochrome because B&W is more pliable and not restricted therefore more freedom.
I follow Michael Kenna because of his minimalism style. His photographs take You to a journey and contains deep emotion.He teaches me that less is more.


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