Zina Nedelcheva

Zina Nedelcheva, based in Bulgaria, creates exquisite, elegant graphic art and drawings, after studying at the Bulgarian National Academy of Art. Her compositions are incredibly inspiring and beautiful. Each section of her designs show wonderful, imaginative concepts with a remarkable amount of detail.

Theater of Soul

Tell us more about your featured project?
In theater, there are many characters and actors, with different numbers, which associate with a man who as a major artist in his own life has different masks for the audience to whom one plays. But here my theater is more of a show of emotions, memories and feelings which I thing is exactly what our life consists.
So I started with the thought to represent one human life. I wanted to show his happiness and those not so pleasant moments together and came up with the idea for the theater. At its stage I could present all in one show, a spectacular performance of one's life.
Each person has his own story, but not everyone manages to pay attention and see how much from it they could share. Everyone goes through times in their life -  some of which make them sad, others make them happy, and there are some who just make a person want to forget, or such that are so deeply hidden that he/she does not remember, but they are still there, living and are part of his personal performance. Everyone is involved in such. The person is both a presenter, who welcomes the audience, which applauds him/her and the main attraction of the whole spectacle.
One plays a comedy or tragedy, shows the number of his life, sometimes confuses lines and makes mistakes, even happens to take someone else’s wrong role, but even so one can not duplicate the scene successfully. No one could take his place entirely, ‘cause that way it would be another scene with another story.
So even if not everyone can boast with life filled with exceptional and extraordinary things and adventures, each is unique in itself. Every person experiences in their own way the moments that fill his daily life and creates the story of his life. The show, which is already placed in and is going to its end is not yet complete, because it will be replayed again and again until there is no one left to come and participate in its spectacle. Thus the performance of life continues.
What I imagine is not visible to everyone, at least not in the same way. It is that inner place where you store and sometimes deliberately hide an entire show of feelings, moments and memories. That’s the stage of the story. The theater of the soul!

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