Magnus Hearn

Magnus Hearn is a current graphic design student whose work ranges from screen prints, books and posters. His compositions are wonderfully elegant and have a beautiful mix of traditional design and digital. An attentive artist clearly capable of producing imaginative, classy and charming designs.

Le Surrealisme

Tell us more about your featured project?
When in Paris recently I visited the Salvador Dali Museum in the Montmatre district. I was struck by the power of the atmosphere created in what was such a small space. One piece in particular that I found impressive was Dali's Space Elephant sculpture. The sculpture's otherworldly shape and impossible contrast between thick and thin was quite striking, it was these impossible shapes and ratios that inspired the warped text on my poster.

On the back of the poster is a short review (of sorts) that I wrote after visiting the museum. Also on the back of the poster is a great big golden egg, one of Dali's most famous visual symbols.

"Le Surrealisme, c'est moi!"
–Salvador Dali


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