Holly Exley

Holly Exley combines watercolours and wonderfully imaginative drawings to create truly exquisite and precious illustrations, for which she has been recognised and admired by a number of renowned clients and companies. Her work is charming and picturesque, whilst refreshingly unusual.

Under Milk Wood

Tell us more about your featured project?
The project was a Uni based one, to produce a 'graphic novel' for Dylan Thomas's poem, Under Milk Wood. I listened to the audio version of the poem, read by Thomas himself, and was so inspired by the dreamy scenes he described. I had so much fun depicting the towns folk of Under Milk Wood and the ghostly, unearthly themes that run throughout the piece. The poem felt like a jumble of reality and the supernatural, past and the present, and all the characters thoughts are packed on top of each other, so I made collages from magazine cut-outs; overlapping faces, shapes and colours, and then used them as reference for the painting. The end result consisted of a concertina book filled with watercolour illustrations.


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  1. Beautiful illustrations! Intriguing work.


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